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The right to safe drinking water and sanitation for human rights as their most immediate need is in the dramatic measures taken after the Islamic Revolution, but it adequately not. In addition, due to the continued operation and investment protection and efficient use of tangible projects are always faced with the problem To order this and other necessities irrefutable law of rural water and sewer companies, including 5 females and 4 Note the open session of Parliament passed in 1374 to the Hon Guardian Council reached And the company statutes in 1376 was commissioned ministers.

According to Article 1 of the Companies Act, the date of enactment of this Act, the Ministry of Water and Wastewater former Jihad was allowed In order to maintain the operation, development and Regeneration, restoration, creation of rural drinking water supply related facilities such as refineries, pipelines, storage tanks, control systems and sanitation, Companies participating in any form of legal entity and financial independence and rules governing public companies and the law will run.

Also in line with Article 1, paragraph (e) of Article 2 of the Law of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran was responsible for the administrative reform, the reduction of state-owned enterprises and the elimination of parallel tasks, take the necessary measures to In this regard, the bill merging the Ministries of Agriculture and the Ministry of Jihad and Agriculture of 1379 was passed by Parliament The above companies were affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture Whereas Article 2 of the Transfer Duty Act proposed to be transferred to other ministries and Agriculture Organization of Management and Planning with the approval of the Cabinet was devised  The vote passed on 25.04.1381 No. 18796/525638 The functions and powers of the Council of Ministers staffing arrangements and credit facilities to rural water and sewer companies and the Department of Energy was transferred from the Ministry of Agriculture disembodied.

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