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Law of rural water and sewer companies


Approved on 12 November 1374

Article 1 of the date of enactment of this Act, the Ministry of Construction is authorized to the maintenance, operation, development, reconstruction, rehabilitation and development of rural water supply facilities, including the treatment plant, transmission lines, Storage tanks, control systems sanitation , a company can be established in each province. The company has a legal personality and financial autonomy and regulations governing public companies and the law will be administered.

Note 1: Supervision and coordination of staff, support and research standpoints Ministry of Construction will be undertaken.

Note 2: Jihad is required in order to support and strengthen the implementation of this companies, facilities, machinery, and other property necessary tools needed to price the property of their book value assigned to the companies.

Article 2 of the subscribers to pay water fees to cover the expenses of maintenance activities would be subject to this law. Government credit repair, development and maintenance of rural water supply systems in the annual budget shall be made ​​available to the companies.

Note 1: Jihad is required personnel needed to staff the company provides Jihad.

Article 3 of the provincial economy and good observation and the number of villages covered by the existence and scope of specific projects in each of the cities of the province Deems necessary, with the approval of the General Assembly attempted to branch or company.

Responsibility to preserve the rural water networks, water and wastewater companies under the Ministry of Construction Jihad is still not relevant Province.

Article 4 The Ministry of Construction is required within one year from the date of notification of the law firms acting on the central and provincial centers.

Article 5 of the Articles of Association of the Company within three months by the Ministry of Construction and the State Administrative and Employment Affairs Organization shall be prepared and approved.

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