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Chapter One : Overview and Investment

Article 1 : Name , Rural Water and Wastewater Company of West Azerbaijan province , which is called the charter company .

Article 2: The purpose of creation, development, maintenance , operation , rehabilitation and repair of facilities to provide for the transfer , division and distribution of drinking water and sanitation , waste collection , transfer and disposal villages.

Article 3: main center , city center , will Urmia .

Article 4 : of Company (special ) and in terms of financial independence and be subject to the regulations stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations and in accordance with commercial principles, statutes and regulations , financial transactions , and your job is run .

Article 5: The term is unlimited.

Article 6 : Capital is the amount of five million ( 000/000/5 ) Rails to ten thousand five hundred shares ( 000 / 10 ) has been divided rial and wholly owned by the parent company is National Water and Wastewater Engineering .Note : changing capital rules only with the approval of the extraordinary general assembly will be done.

Chapter II: the subject companys activities and tasks

Article 7 : To achieve the objectives set forth in the statutes , regulations and rules of the company is authorized to take the following steps :

1 - The study of the development and implementation of projects related to the provision of facilities , transmission and distribution of drinking water and sanitation in rural areas .

2 - The study and implementation of rural sanitation schemes ( including the collection, transport and treatment . )

3 - Maintenance and operation of rural drinking water and sanitation related facilities such as wells, ponds, treatment plants , reservoirs , pumping stations , pipelines , control systems and distribution networks .

4 - Maintenance and operation of public facilities such as transmission lines, rural sanitation , the collection system and treatment plant .

5 - repair, reconstruction and development of networks and public facilities , drinking water and sanitation facilities in rural and protect their privacy .

6 - Rural drinking water supply network based on approved standards and approved programs within the DOE .

7 - facility operation and management related tasks that can be placed in companies .

8 - obtaining any loans and financial facilities from internal and external sources , the supply of domestic bonds and forward splits and other financing methods to obtain a license from the relevant authorities .

9 - buying services from the private sector to conduct research , implementation , operation and maintenance of water and sanitation facilities in rural and customer care to reduce costs, to increase productivity and Improving the level of service .

10 - Do facilitated the development of non-public sector participation in rural water and sanitation .

11 - cooperation and synergies with relevant institutions, research and analysis to develop scientific, technical and economic matters with the companys goals and tasks .

12 - perform any operations or transactions necessary or relevant for the purposes of co -efficient and competent company.

Note : The company allowed to participate or invest in other companies are not .

Chapter III : The Components Inc.

Article 8 : Components of the Company is as follows .

1 - General 2 - Board of Directors and Managing Director 3 - Inspector and Auditor A - General Assembly

Article 9 : Representation of shares in public company board of directors of the parent company and its president in charge of Water and Wastewater Engineering Chairman parent company is National Water and Wastewater Engineering .

Article 10: public companies are as follows: 1 - General 2 - The extraordinary general meeting

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